joylani 130pxAs we were out for a walk this evening I had a craving for a Coca Cola.  This is one of my weaknesses.  I tried to resist, but by the end of the walk I caved and Matt agreed to split one with me.  When we got to the store I could buy a small bottle for 3 pesos.  Or I could get a big one (1.5L) for 4.4 pesos.  OR I could buy the biggest bottle of coke (2.25L) for 4.5 pesos (which ended up costing 4.7 pesos because I got a cold one).  Of course I went for the big one since it was a better value…but I have no idea how Matt and I will actually drink it all before it eventually goes flat.  This led me to research recipes using cola on-line.  Besides the obvious coke float, apparently it can be used to make a flavorful marinade, syrup for your French toast, in cakes, and to glaze a kielbasa.  Who knew?  Some of the recipes, like the Indian chicken curry, call for minimal amounts of cola, so I don’t think it is necessarily an essential ingredient, merely a ploy by the coke company to try to get people to use the product more.  However, some of the recipes, such as the ones involving ham glazing and such do sound interesting and I might actually give it a try when I get home.  When I used to work at the golf course (I’ve actually worked at three), one of my coworkers would make the most amazing banana bread.  It was always very moist.  She told me that she added sprite to the mixture.  So perhaps there are some legit uses for soft drinks other than drinking after all.  (I happen to know you can also use sprite to make your copper putter heads nice and shiny too.)

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