Carretera Austral: Puerto Guadal to Puerto Tranquilo


matt 120pxThe second leg of our circuit around Lago General Carrera on the Carretera Austral was the short hour and a half drive from Puerto Guadal to Puerto Tranquilo. Although short, it was another super scenic drive. The mountains seem to be getting bigger as we drive deeper into the cordillera.


still driving along Lago General Carrera


behind town


in front of town

            Rio Tranquilo itself is a really quiet place. The carretera runs alongside the shore, between the village and the lake. There are perhaps a dozen small square blocks, a plaza, and a building that is a post-office/call center/bus ticket office/tourist office. There’s an ancient looking gas station, a few minimarts (including one called El Chino, which doesn’t have any Chinese people working in it), and a bakery. The bakery is just the front of a house; I know because we’re staying in it with the baker family. It’s a small village, but not boring. The spectacular scenery makes it more of a relaxing place than a boring one.


Snow-capped mountains surround the lake like walls and even the lake’s water is varying shades of attractive blues due to the various mineral concentrations. Not much to do or write about, but it sure is beautiful.

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  1. Is this a case where the reality is even more beautiful than pictures? Because I have a feeling it is.

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