Carretera Austral: Puerto Tranquilo to Coyhaique


matt 120pxAlthough Puerto Tranquilo was nice, it was a bit too tranquilo and one day was enough for us. At 10:15am, exactly 24 hours after we arrived, we set off for Coyhaique. After my posts on the scenery the past few days, this blog will seem like a broken record, but today’s scenery was again spectacular. The most unusual thing about the drive though was that our van hit and killed a pudu. We read that the pudu is in danger of extinction and even the guy sitting next to Joylani said he’d only seen one in the seven years he’s lived in the region (well, now he’s seen two). He was actually an interesting, if not a bit eccentric, character to talk to. He and his wife moved to Chile from Germany seven years ago. They live in a little far-flung place called Puerto Grasse, although he said its smaller than a village. He has a guesthouse, but doesn’t get many guests: just ice-climbers and scientists who study glaciers. But he gets by without any business, as he mentioned he can buy goats from his neighbors for about $40. I think he talked so much and gave us a tour of the drive because he never talks to people, living such an isolated existence. He only goes to Coyhaique every three months to stock up on essential supplies. In a way, we were like him- heading to Coyhaique to get out of the woods.

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