Casa Rosada

Buenos Aires (26)

joylani 130pxWe went to check out a little art exposition at the Casa Rosado today. The Casa Rosada is more or less an Argentine equivalent of the White house, and it’s balcony is where Evita addressed the masses in the scenes made more well-known by Madonna in the film Evita. Anyways, the art show was a little too small to be too interesting to see (it took no more than ten minutes tops to see everything), but it was cool to see the inside of the building because I don’t think it is always as easy to go inside. We sat outside for a while and watched people posing for pictures, as well as a couple kids playing kick-ball against one of the statue podiums…definitely not something that you would see happening at Lincoln Memorial, but I thought it was nice to see the space being used in a normal way. But maybe if I had more knowledge of the statue/memorial I would have found it to be disrespectful instead.

Buenos Aires (27)

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