Class is over

joylani 130pxI was relieved to have my language classes wrap up today.  Things began to drag this week as I learned about the “subjuntivo,” a tense we don’t exactly use in English, and though I know there is a use, I find just about as unnecessary as those darn imaginary numbers are for the common [wo]man.  Matt met me after class and we had a nice picnic and walk down by Puerto Madero.  We “discovered” this area a few days ago, and it is actually just a few blocks away from where we take classes, but the change in atmosphere feels a bit further.  I think Puerto Madero is the most modern place in Buenos Aires.  The sidewalks are smooth, the buildings are new and fresh, no loose tiles that splash up water when you step on then at the wrong angle, no dog poo, less trash—there are actually a couple nice grassy places as well as many benches for sitting.  The buildings block the noise from the street and it’s a pretty mellow place form being in the downtown part of the city.  We picked up some empanadas on the way over and enjoyed our lunch in a little grassy area while birds scouted around us for spilled crumbs.

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