Day 14: Ghasa to Tatopani



164_6445-4.JPGToday felt like the hardest day, although it wasn’t even close. Most likely I was so fatigued because my dinner last night was bad and breakfast this morning was so bad I didn’t even finish it. So it was with very little energy that I began the morning. The trail was rocky (hard on the feet) and mostly up and down. Those factors plus the new blisters on the back edge of my heal caused me to be the slowest today. It was three hours to Dana, where we ate lunch and then another hour to Tatopani. I don’t really have much to say about today because the only thing I could think about was walking and getting to Tatopani, although I did notice it was a lot more humid today and we’ve made the transition from forest to jungle again.


The first thing we did in Tatopani was head down to the famed hotsprings (tato pani translates to hot water). We’ve been looking forward to these hotsprings since about Pisang and counting down the days. It felt so good to immerse my tired and aching body in the hot water. We all went down right after arriving and then Udaya, Binod, and myself headed down again right before dinner. Ahh, hotsprings. Can’t really describe how good it felt after how many days of cold trekking. We finished off the night with a great dinner and the brandy that Franky and I bought yesterday, some rakshi that our guides bought, and Simone’s bottle of local rum (it actually was much tamer than those numbers indicate as they were quarter bottles and there were seven of us). Nonetheless, hotsprings and few drinks to celebrate how far we’ve come.

The next two days will be up, up, up to Ghorepani, and then the final two days will be down, down, down.


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