Day 15: Tatopani to Sikha



164_6445-4.JPGWe walked three hours from Tatopani to Sikha, which was pretty much just thousands of stone steps going up. Not too much to write about today as the trek was just up. A few interesting sidenotes though. First, at dinner, we heard a man yelling from outside. Our guides said that he was announcing new rules decided upon by the village council. They said that whenever the leaders in their villages made new rules, someone would go to the highest place in the village and yell the news. They said the whole village stops and everyone’s quiet and listens, because no wants to be ignorant of the new rules and get fined. The other thing was we could see a fire burning near the top of a mountain across the valley. Our guides said that when winter comes and its too cold to take animals up the mountain to graze, the herders set the top parts of the mountain on fire, so that when spring comes and the animals can go up, the plants will be new instead of old. I’m learning a lot about rural life on this trek.




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