sea ranch (2)

joylani 130pxWith the exception of a couple friends, we’ve pretty much spent our first 10 days at home in the bubble of our families, and in relatively rural places.  I expected that there might be some reverse culture shock, but not too much has stood out just yet.  I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been anywhere “shocking” yet, or if there just isn’t to be any big shock.

There is one thing that struck me right away though: crossing the street.  You know—watching traffic orderly pass by, giving the pedestrians the right of way, not just walking out into the street and crossing one part at a time.  I’ve only noticed a few other “oddities” or “adjustments” as the days go by.  Making plans is one of them.  I haven’t had to do this so much except between Matt and I—and that usually consists of planning something then doing it within the next 24 hrs at most, not days ahead of time.  Also nice is the advent of the stocked refrigerator; food is readily available without having to leave the house.  Speaking of the house, we live in more than one room now.  Speaking of a home, we’re home yet still don’t have one.

Nothing else is too strange, so far.  I miss talking with Matt all the time.  When you’re staying with at least 4 other family members, it’s hard to just have those casual moments throughout the day when Matt and I spontaneously combust into a conversation.  Meals are generally eaten separately (and sporadically) rather than at one sitting, except for dinner.  I’m gaining weight, which is awesome.  The loss happened gradually over the past year, but the return of my cheeks, chest and waist is fast.  Looking in the mirror this morning I saw a different face.  It’s good to be back, but I’m just getting used to it.  I am still waiting to see my friends.  Looking forward to it, but not sure if I will be socially awkward…or maybe I already was before I left. :)

Some things remain the same, and of course Frou Frou is still the best.

“Is this it?  Hello we’re back.  And we’re taking calls.  Now what was the question?”

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