joylani 130pxMy good friend Desi asked me how we were going to spend Easter. Seeing that we had a flight that day, I guessed we’d spend it in an airport and probably eat rice. Well, sure enough…after sleeping with the lights on the night before (due to a roach problem in our hotel) we arrived at the airport on Easter morning 2 hours before our flight was to leave, only to find that it was delayed 4 hours. As a consolation, they offered all passengers a lunch voucher. After sitting around for a couple hours and listening through a couple of new albums my brother sent me, Matt and I decided to check out the situation at the cafeteria. I walked up to the counter and checked my name off the passenger list. They handed me a bowl of rice and a piece of chicken that had been cooked (from the look of it) a long time ago. Seeing that there was nothing else that I even wanted to buy from the lunch counter, I walked back to our table and ate just the rice in solace—at least I had expected this to happen. After all, I knew I wasn’t going to be eating my grandma’s scalloped potatoes, jello salad, and a spiral cut ham today. And rice is always good.*
The only good thing from Tawau: ABC (iced dessert with goodies at the bottom and drenched in rose-flavored syrup).


*Well, except for the one place where we were considering getting our wedding catered from until they gave us food to sample and the rice wasn’t even cooked all the way.

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