Flying vs. Overlanding



164_6445-4.JPGExactly two weeks ago we took the 70 minute flight from Denpassar, Bali to Ende, Flores. Just to illustrate how long it takes to get around in Indonesia, I’ve listed the rote and times of our return journey. Note that I’ve omitted Moni (roundtrip from Ende) and Gili Air (roundtrip from Mataram), so the following is actually the most direct overland/sea route between Ende and Denpassar:


Ende to Ruteng (10 hour bus)

Ruteng to LBJ (6 hour bus)

Labuanbajo to Sape (8 hour ferry)

Sape to Bima (1.5 hour bemo)

Bima to Mataram (12 hour bus)

Mataram to Lembar (.5 hour bemo)

Lembar to Padangbai (4 hour ferry)

Padangbai to Sanur (1.5 hour bemo)


In case you weren’t counting, that’s 42.5 hours in-transit (not including waiting times, walking, or intracity transport). Again, that’s taking the most direct land-sea route between the two cities. On one hand, we saw some of the most scenic and beautiful landscapes, mountainscapes, and seascapes that we’ve ever seen. On the other hand, it is a 70 minute flight.  

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