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joylani-thumbnail.JPGMatt and I just got back from a three-day side trip to some of the more remote places outside of Leh. After eating our first good meal in a while, the first thing Matt did was buy a couple of papers. Since it was a weekend, the papers were two days old (no incoming flights on certain days to bring new news), but we didn’t care. In addition to the markets (of course), here is some of the news we caught up on:

  • On the discovery of what could be the oldest human footprint found in Egypt, the secretary general of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities had this to say, “It could be the most important discovery in Egypt.” (Obviously WAY more important than the discovery of the Valley of the Kings, Tut’s Tomb, etc…)
  • Girls streaking in bikinis may be the cause of India losing cricket match to England. (I guess the Indian team got distracted.)
  • 12 year-old boy in Britain to appear in court for throwing a sausage at elderly man. (Matt and I both wish someone would throw a sausage at us. An all-beef frank would taste so good right now…)
  • After yet another fatal accident, the state of Rajasthan is cracking down on overloaded jeeps. In one day police ticketed over a thousand jeeps, each with 25-30 passengers. (And we thought 11 people in a jeep was full!)

We were also enlightened by a full-page advertisement/application for the sailors for the Indian Navy. Traveling in the Jammu-Kashmir region we’ve passed by numerous military check-points, bases, and supply caravans. Observing the height of the soldiers compared to other people we’ve seen doing non-office jobs, we wondered exactly what the selection criteria were. Here is some of the information the recruitment ad had to offer us:

  • Must be unmarried.
  • Minimum height requirement: 157cm (no wonder they’re all tall).
  • Weight and chest should be proportionate.
  • Application should include a summary of sports achievements.
  • Teeth and ear cleaning recommended prior to physical examination.

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