It’s Been Real Nice

joylani 130pxIt goes without saying that the past week and a half has been absolutely amazing and lots of fun. Luxurious hotels and great meals aside, it was just so nice to spend time with people we know rather than people we just met. We talked a lot, and ate a lot (those two things go well together), and enjoyed each other’s company. Our last night summed up the last several days with a fun dinner together at Mom Tri’s Boathouse topped off with good conversation, an amazing sunset, dessert, and, of course, a cigar.



Thanks mom and dad—and happy anniversary!

One thought on “It’s Been Real Nice

  1. Hello~! I’ve been catching up on a lot of your old entries. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!! :) Will you be going to any of the Pacific islands on your trip around the world?

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