Kota Kinabalu


joylani 130pxOnce again we have a room with no window.  It’s always strange waking up without the morning light.  I need that reference.  Adding to the strangeness is that our ac unit sounds more like a swamp cooler with water running down the back (though I think it must be ac since its not really humid in our room at all) which pleasantly sounds like rain on a window.  Only we have no window.

The market here is amazing; it one of both of our favorites we’ve seen.  There are numerous kinds of interesting fruit and veggies, sea plants and a great seafood section (made all the more interesting after our recent Sipidan trip).  Spotted rays, squid, octopus, yellow fin tuna, parrot fish, and a few other things we saw under water, but have never seen in a market before.


The food stall section is equally wonderful—murtabak (peanut-filled pancake), cendol, and BBQ chicken and fish.  I don’t know what else to do here besides eat and pass through, but we had a good time doing both.  Well, maybe just eating.  Picture below: waiting for the rain to lighten up so we can cross the street and find a hotel.


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