Last Day of Work!

164_6445-4.JPGIts funny how events that we anticipate so much can turn out so unexpectedly. Pretty much since I’ve started working, I’ve been looking forward to the day that I’d have the means to quit working and travel. For two years, I’ve been envisioning my last day of work, anticipating the excitement that accompanies the realization of freedom. I had it all figured out in my head, it fit right into our story: our trip was sticking it to “the man,” escaping cubicle life for the refuge of the road, my last day of work was to be my emancipation from corporate slavery. I guess my expectations were a bit too dramatic, idealistic, yet also cynical.

My last days of work were actually pretty fun. They reminded me of all things I would actually miss. I didn’t want to stick anything to the man. The man actually gave me an opportunity, which helped me learn and grow. And my cubicle wasn’t so bad. In fact I liked it. Talking and joking all day with my work buddies. Throwing promotional foam balls at each other all day. And work wasn’t even close to slavery. Some, locked in contracts, would say indentured servitude, but I enjoyed my job. King Solomon of ancient Israel once wrote, “there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work.” (Ecclesiastes 3:22)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to be done working. But the end of work was more like the end of college. Of course, nobody misses the lectures, papers, labs, deadlines, and so on. But its tough to say goodbye to the lifestyle, the parties, and the friends. Likewise, I’m going to miss the perks, the parties, and my friends. As far as my last week itself, the guys threw me a great party. I came into the office this morning to many kind cards, emails, and words. And like all Friday afternoons, I went out for lunch, in what’s become known as Pitcher Fridays. It was a great finale. It was perfect- just me and my four best work buds. There’s nothing else I’d rather do on Friday afternoons and no better way I could have concluded my time.

One thought on “Last Day of Work!

  1. Congrats to you on taking the enormous step of leaving a job you love/enjoy to pursue your dream. I’m in the same boat rith now in that I want to take a few months off to go travel the world, something I’ve thought about doing for years…but in doing so would have to leave a job I actually really, really love. It’s easy to leave a job you hate and it’s nice to ‘stick it to the man’ but when you actually like your job…not so easy.
    Hat’s off to ya!

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