Merry Christmas!


joylani 130pxI saw Santa the other day. He was a haole. I guess the sleigh broke because he was riding a bicycle down the street. He had on a white pants and a woven red shirt with frog closures. How Asian of him.

Besides the Santa sighting and a few brightly lit Christmas trees around the touristy area where we’re staying, there’s not too much to remind us of the holiday. So even though I missed being with my family, spending time with friends, and the fun things that happen this time of year, I didn’t miss the holiday as much as I thought I would. Perhaps it helped to not have all the “holiday triggers” so everpresent at home–decorations, music, shopping for that perfect gift, the food…It’s interesting actually, thinking about all the things back home that contribute to the “holiday spirit” and the things that shape the way we view the holiday–from both a secular and religious standpoints. For one, many people see Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But it’s interesting how it is often focused on “the savior” and “God’s gift” but not so much as a reflection of his life–which is what we usually do for regular birthdays. Not that Christmas is necessarily Jesus’ birthday anyways. But hopefully you get my point.

Merry Christmas. We miss you all.

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Hey Matt, I see you are in Thailand now. I am showing your blog off to all my family as I am here in Fremont for the holidays. I drove by your house and was tempted to let myself in. Enjoy your holidays, talk to you later. –Anuj

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