164_6445-4.JPGToday was a long day and a tough one. We awoke early and spent a couple hours wandering Lucerne, before catching our train to Milan. We were in Switzerland, because both Joylani and I wanted to see it. We were heading to Milan because its one of the main transportation hubs of Europe, where we could take a cheap flight to Greece. But a train ride south through the Alps was appealing, so I was really looking forward to today. But the train scenery wasn’t quite as dramatic as I expected. But it was still nice to see a couple awesome views and a handful of extremely beautiful lakes. We arrived in Milan with pretty low expectations, but we were pleasantly surprised. Duomo was a stunning cathedral- perhaps the most unique and intricately designed one we’ve seen thus far, which is saying a lot considering how many we’ve been to lately. Our hotel was simple, but nice.

But we are beat. For the first time this trip, I thought perhaps our European itinerary is too crazy. Maybe we should have done less. But then again, we’ve gotten bored by staying in the same place too long before too. I think its tough because we had to plan everything ahead, due to Europe’s expensiveness and developed transportation system. Its not like Asia or Latin America, where you can just hop on a bus or train at a second’s notice. But Joylani is right, when she tells me we’ve seen a lot. Maybe we planned to do too much, but it hasn’t been a bad trip. And she’s right. Who wouldn’t kill to do what were doing? I woke up yesterday to Mount Pilatus, instead of an alarm clock. Instead of sitting in an office all day, I hiked up a mountain. I’m tired today, but I was usually tired after work too. We’re fortunate…and still tired.

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