My Dive Buddy



\"164_6445-4.JPG\"Even since her dive course, Joylani’s been having ear problems. For our nine-diving readers out there, diving is a no-no if you’re experiencing any ear or sinus problems since you could seriously injure yourself and/or lose your hearing. She missed out on the excellent diving during our trip to Sipadan, so we were both really hoping that her ears would be good for Indo. Having had ear problems for a month and half, she was pretty discouraged about it and a bit wary of going down. But having not felt much pain for the past few days, she decided to swallow her fear and give it a go.


 Joylani looking determined to go diving today

She got a bit flustered on her first descent, but after collecting herself and some help from our dive master, she was flying along the ocean floor with me in the strong current. Over the next two days, she dove deeper than ever before and doubled her total number of dives. For someone who initially didn’t want to dive and then got off to a rough start, she’s quite the diver now able to do drift and wall dives. I’m happy to have a dive buddy and I’m pretty proud of her.


look at her go :)

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