Qingdao with Friends


matt 120pxQingdao has been great not only because it’s a pleasant coastal city, but we’re getting to see friends too. Staying and hanging with Jeff is great and last night we got to see Matt, another old friend. He took us out to the only Indian restaurant in town, followed by some hot drinks at a small café. He’s returning home soon (after a year in Qingdao), so we all shared about our past years and plans/emotions regarding the return home. I won’t go into all that we talked about or anything, but it’s always great to see friends. Thinking about it, Matt is the sixth person we’ve met up on this trip. So even though we’ve been away and isolated to some extend, its been cool to visit our friends living abroad who are also away and isolated. Friends always make travelling and locations that much better, and Qingdao is no exception.

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