Road Signs

MattandJoylaniThumbnailDriving anywhere in the Indian Himalayas, one of the first things you notice are the countless safety signs put up by the Border Roads Organization (BRO). Between five and six feet, these painted concrete signs are intended to increase traffic safety (although the usually just increase our laughter). Never mind that most truck and taxi drivers in India can’t read, much less English while driving. Nevertheless, the signs are well-intentioned. For instance, some signs warn of driving under the influence:
If you drink and drive, you won’t survive
Driving with whiskey is very risky
Cars run on horsepower, not rum power

Then there are signs that warn against speeding (although they don’t always make sense):
Speed is a knife that cuts life
This a hillway, not a runway
If you drive like hell, you’ll end up there
If you fly at 90, you’ll die at 19
Better to be Mr. Late than late Mr.
Better to be Mr. Late than Mr. Never
If married, divorce speed

And the commonsensical rhymes:
Don’t be a gama in the land of the lama
Safety on the road is safe-tea at home
Lane driving is sane driving

And of course clever signs with a hint of sexual innuendo:
I like you, but not so fast
Calm your nerve on my curves
Be gentle on my curves

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