Scooter Day



164_6445-4.JPGToday we explored the entire coast of North Goa by scooter. We stopped by the following beaches:





Just a long thin strip of sand backed by guesthouse and restaurants. There’s a small touristy souvenir market at the northern end of the beach. Supposed to be the capital of the Goan party/rave scene, but barely anyone was there when we were. Overall, not too impressive.





Rocky headland with small, flat, shadeless beaches on either side. A fort dominates the hill behind the beaches. There’s a ton of Indian tourists taking photos and checking out the tide pools. Again no reason to stay…the beach has no shade.



(just in case these pictures made you forget we were in India) 


The most northern of Goa’s beaches, this place is full of hippies. A few chill restaurants on the beach. Maybe too many hippies. We saw a dude with waist long hair and a loincloth-thong-thing frolicking in the waves. A swimmable beach with more Westerners than Indians (which means females can strip down to swimwear without awkward stares). It’s a really long beach without very many people. We spent the most time here today and would recommend it.




More than seeing all the beaches, I enjoyed exploring the countryside. Goa’s beaches are nice, but I think inland may be even better. On our way from the train station to Calangute, Joylani and I noticed the bright green colors of Goa. Today we zoomed through the fields and fields and fields of all shades of green. Just seeing the bright green paddies and coconut plantations would’ve been enough. But zooming through the fields and sleepy beach towns on our scooters was amazing. It was just a scooter, but it was still exhilarating to turn that handle and accelerate, feeling the wind in our faces, and feeling the 100 degree heat cool in the wind. It was an exciting day, but a lazy one too. A snack and walk at Vagator, lunch at Arambol, and chai at Anjuna. How much better (or lazier depending on how you look at it) does it get; beach to beach, meal to meal, all while exploring the vibrant countryside.

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