Still in Leh


164_6445-4.JPGThis morning we woke up at 6:30 to get ready for our two-day trip to Pangong Tso, with our new friends Anderson, Liz, and Reannon. But when we got to our meeting point, we found out that they could not go because Reannon was beginning to experience some of the more severe symptoms of AMS. After chatting for a few minutes, Joylani and I went from tour-operator to tour-operator trying to see if anyone had any open seats going to Pangong Tso or the Nubra Valley. With all the jeeps having already left for the day, and a jeep to ourselves out of our budget, we were left with yet another day in Leh. But Leh isn’t so bad and we’re feeling more and more comfortable here. We have a handful of good restaurants and bakeries that we rotate for our meals and snacks. Joylani knows where to find her muesli with curd, while I know where to find day-old newspapers (two days old on weekends or if flights are disrupted). And while we send most of clothes out to be washed, Joylani went down to the stream to wash our socks where some other dhobis (who continually stared in amusement at us the whole time we were down there) wash clothes. And having been here for a week now, we know some people too. Its kind of cool running into other travelers we’ve met or Leh residents we’ve met walking around town. Even though we’re eager to get out and see some stuff, Leh is feeling more and more like home.

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