joylani 130pxMatt and I were walking around today after breakfast, and I had to go to the bathroom.  Luckily, there was a nearby public restroom.  I walked in, and three sets of eyes looked up at me.  My initial reaction was, “Whoops, men’s toilet.” But then, I quickly realized that it was three old ladies with short hair.  One spot was left in the middle of the bunch, but I was not bold enough to claim it, even for a quick pee.  Thankfully, around the hutong areas, public toilets are somewhat plentiful.  A few minutes later we came to another.  I cautiously entered; it was happily deserted.  And there were partitions betweens the squatters.  With all the hubbub about the Olympics coming to town, Matt and I have been wondering what new sport is being added.  Public pooping perhaps?

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