Tango Show

Buenos Aires (21)

joylani 130pxTonight we went to the Complejo Tango Copa Show for which I won a free pair of tickets earlier in the week.  It was disappointing and just barely entertaining, but it didn’t matter as we had had no other plans and the show was free.  The show sounded interesting—the storyline followed the development of tango over the years.  But the execution was lacking.  The stage was pretty small making the dancers appear to be confined.  The costumes looked really cheap, like a Halloween costume from k-mart.  And although it was a “copa show” and we had been told our tickets included a free drink by the school (where we won the tickets), the waitress at the show informed us that drinks were not free.  This meant that drinks were really expensive because everything on the menu was extremely overpriced.  The friends we were with had to pay 30 pesos for two small bottles of water.  (That’s about $10.)  Maybe if we were in a nice restaurant or in the middle of a desert this charge could be justified.  But the Complejo Tango dinner theater was neither, and the only conceivable reason for them to charge so much, besides greed, was that the staff/performer to guest ratio was about one staff to two guests and I suppose their salaries have to come from somewhere.  My critique for the show is that the sound volume was a bit overwhelming and unnecessary (I really don’t think they needed a sound system for such a small venue) and the dances weren’t too interesting.  But then again, tango isn’t really my thing.  Highlights of the show were watching the accordionist make music from such a curious looking instrument and listening to Matt’s comments (On all the interlocking footwork and kicks: “I wonder how often they kick each other?” and “I’m glad we’re not in the front row.”  And when they started picking out audience members for dance partners: “They better not pick me.  I’m not going.  You better sit on my lap and claim me.”)  Also fun, though not part of the show, was window shopping in the windows of the dozens of furniture stores that lined the street on the walk over.  On our walk back home, around midnight, we found the city very much still awake with many people out walking and packed cafes and restaurants. 

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