The Last Supper


matt 120pxTonight was more Tokyo highlife. Literally, as the Tosu’s took us to observation deck of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. It is the highlight of the new Roppongi Hills district. The observation deck was really cool with windows all the way around the 52nd floor, offering 360 degrees of great views. We went at sunset and watched the city darken and then illuminate. Akio and Yusuke checked out the Sky Aquarium, while the rest of us looked at a contemporary art museum on the 53rd floor. The city views were the highlight though.

            After the observation deck, we went downstairs to a French restaurant in the Grand Hyatt. I was told it is the best restaurant in Tokyo and Sadako knows the manager of the hotel, so we got extra special treatment. I pretty much gorged myself on beef and seafood, although I tried some new things too. Most notably, Eisuke put me up to eating escargot, which was the first time for me. Not bad. One cool thing about the restaurant was that many of the walls were wine coolers. I asked one of the waiters about them and learned that the restaurant has over 3,000 bottles of wine, 100% French. Desert was delicious too and Yusuke helped me create some desert using the chocolate fountain. It was a spectacular dinner to cap our week in Tokyo.


One thought on “The Last Supper

  1. Just a TINY bit ironic that you first tried Escargot in Japan and not when you were in let’s say…Paris. HAHA. As you can see, I’ve been flooding you guys with comments lately. It’s that time of the semester again….:P

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