WHAT are you doing?

We are off to see the world! We quit our jobs, moved out of our apartment, sold or stored most of our possessions, and packed the rest into two backpacks. Two backpacks that we’ll live out of indefinitely as we explore the world!

We have a general sense of where we would like to visit along with a flexible timeline.  After years of squeezing our adventures into windows of “vacation time,” our goal is simply to experience the places we want at our own pace.  If we are disappointed with a destination, we’ll move on.  If we fall in love with someplace unexpectedly, we’ll stay for a while.  Spontaneity will guide our explorations.

Beyond just seeing different places, we do have some personal goals.  Joylani would like to spend more time in her sketchbook, taking time to make the art she thinks about doing but never does.  She would also like to find opportunities to volunteer and serve communities around the globe.  Matt would love to improve his photography and writing, so that he can share the world with people at home.  And he’s extremely excited about the possibility of finding career and business opportunities abroad.  Hopefully, this trip will allow us the time and freedom to explore our interests and learn more about ourselves.

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