WHERE are you going?

We’re beginning our trip with a circuit of about a dozen European cities.  We’re visiting some cities, such as Paris and Lucerne, because Joylani wants to see the art, culture, and experience some Europe’s most famous places. Other places like Athens and Istanbul are on our list due Matt’s love of history.

However, the bulk of our trip will be spent exploring Asia.  India will be our first big stop.  Matt lived in India for six months during college and has longed to return ever since.  Likewise, Joylani has wanted to have her own chance to see all the places Matt told her about.  Southeast Asia, a backpacker’s dream: a region of amazing countries that can be visited relatively safely and cheaply, will follow.  Finally, in honor and interest of our own ethnic heritage, we will make stops in China and Japan.  The exact order of the destinations will be decided as we go along.  Beyond the aforementioned places, Joylani would like to visit New Zealand and has fond memories of busing around Central America, while Matt is enamored by the “stans” and Middle East.  Those places aren’t on our list right now for a variety of reasons, but who knows…

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