National Museum of Fine Arts

history museum

history museum

These pictures are actually from another museum, the National History Museum, but I really liked this entry way. And I don’t have any good pics from the Fine Art Museum.

joylani 130pxWe went to this museum today and I thought a lot of the works were really great. I was feeling sick though, so I didn’t really retain enough information about the place to write a decent post except that I would definitely recommend it. There was a great minority textile exhibit, a section of paintings with no dates (so who knows how old they actually are), some rocking monk sculptures, and a great collection of paintings and prints from the 20th century (my favorite part of the place). One interesting aspect is a wing that houses changing thematic exhibits. While we were there it happened to be a collection of Buddah sculptures. What was unique about it was that they were all of different styles form different regions. Usually when we see a Buddah collection is at a temple/wat, so the statues look very similar to each other. So it was interesting to see the contrasts among the collection.

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