All I know about Korea I learned from watching soaps

 joylani 130pxWhile this is not entirely true, it is a fact that much of my exposure to Korean culture has been through the Korean dramas I watch with my grandma when I visit Hawaii.  Not that that it is representative or anything.  Imagine if someone took General Hospital to be a good representation of American life.  I did, however, mention to Matt that I did recall a good deal of bowing in the shows.  Not sure if this was true to life, I brought it up so that he could be prepared to expect it, just in case.  Sure enough, before we left the airport we had received our first bow.  It was awkward as I don’t think either of us quite knew how to respond.  Now we’ve begun to sprinkle our thank you’s with slight leans forward, as we’re not really sure what entails a bow or how low of a bow when. 
 There are a couple other things I’ve quickly noticed about Koreans: three main components of style.  Grey suits, shiny, and stripes, and any combination there of.

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