Angkor: (Matt’s Account of) Day 3


164_6445-4.JPGRelative to our last two days, today was mellow. We had two unsuccessful museum attempts. First, we discovered our 3-day Angkor tickets were invalid for the brand new Angkor museum. The tickets were super expensive and after over 20 hours of seeing Angkor’s ruins, we didn’t feel too compelled to shell out a lot of cash to see (we assumed) the same stuff behind glass. So we tried to walk to the landmine museum to learn about Cambodia’s landmine problem. After walking a few kilometers, we asked directions and learned that they had changed locations last year; it was now 50 kilometers away. 0 for 2, we headed back to our guesthouse. We spent the day in town, something we haven’t really done since arriving in Siem Reap. Our passes expired today, so we spent late afternoon until sunset at our favorite temple, Preah Khan. It was a mellow day. We didn’t see all that we originally had thought, but I was glad to glimpse all the sights one last time and finish our day at Preah Khan.

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