Atahualpa’s Revenge

Plaza de Armas, Cusco

matt 120pxIt’s a bit ironic that I commented on the good food here in my last post and I was in the bathroom every half-hour last night sitting on the toilet or puking in it. It was the worst food-poisoning I’ve ever had and I’d have to say the sickest I’ve ever been as well. Joylani rotated between the bed and bathroom with me too. Let me add, “Are you done yet?” is not something you want to hear while you are puking. The frustrating thing is that we’ve been eating at really nice restaurants, since food at the lower end places is pretty bad here in Latin America.

So after sleeping only a couple hours last night and expelling I don’t know how many gallons of fluids, we were zombies today. We slept on and off and tried to drink our rehydrating-salted-water. The extend of our exercise was walking to a pharmacy downtown, although the uphill trek back to our hotel was pretty tough given that the last meal I digested was two nights ago. We’ve both felt weak all day, although I’m kind of surprised we’re not worse off considering we’ve only had water and crackers all day. But Joylani pointed out that we haven’t done anything either. Sickness has kind of been a constant companion on this trip (although more frequent in some countries than others), but last night was the worst.

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