My view, when I follow Joylani around shopping :)

164_6445-4.JPGAnother day of errands for us. It may seem boring, but India is one of those places where it’s exciting to just be there. It’s great because stuff is always going on all around. Life is moving. Even a boring day of errands is exciting, because we see all sorts of crazy stuff. I took my camera with me today to try and capture some of the madness. Rather than walking today, we took a lot of bike-rickshaws which allowed me the freedom to concentrate on my photos. You can look for a little bit of artistic experimentation with my photos the next few days, mainly being more creative with depth-of-field and shutter speed.

We spent our day just doing routine things: picking up stamps at the post office, shopping at Sarojini Nagar, taking care of admin stuff and emails at an internet café. I think today is representative of how much of our trip will be: just doing everyday things in foreign and exotic places. I lived in Delhi and have seen all the sights already. Joylani’s visited here before, seen quite a few sights, but like me doesn’t have a desire to sightsee after a month of sightseeing. It’s nice because we’re in no rush to do anything. We’re just trying to rest for a few days, before we head up to the Himalaya. On the other hand, I feel like we should start to set some goals or get back into a routine in some areas of our lives. Its nice to travel non-stop, but I also think its bad to just be idle bodies and minds.
One thing we’ll be doing a lot of is hanging out. Alvir’s departure marked the beginning of a long stretch of time where it’ll just be Joylani and I. Tonight at dinner, I told Joylani we should go out on a date one of these nights, maybe see a movie or something. But then we realized we were kind of on a date and that we’ll be having dates almost every night for the foreseeable future. It’s kind of nice to think that we’ll be going out every night for a meal and conversation. At some point, it might be nice to be at home and eat. But for now, it seems great that we can go see a movie, eat out, or do anything we want together anytime. I guess we’re beginning to realize one of our goals for the trip: spend quality time together.

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