First Bus of the Season

ruta 40

joylani 130pxWe had another mind-numbing 12 hour bus ride through endless shrubs on the first bus going north out of El Chalten this season.  There were, however, a few moments of ohhing and awing when we passed by surprises in the landscape such as a finally clear view of Cerro Torres and Fitz Roy as well as a warm sunset over ocher and red colored hills.  The funniest moment came in the last hour of the bus ride when a skunk suddenly ran into the road and froze in the lights of our bus.  I could tell our driver wanted to avoid it, but since it was in the middle of the road (and the bus was pretty big), not swerving was probably the best option.  Those of us in the front all grimaced as we passed over, then breathed a sigh of relief that it seemed we had missed the animal.  A few seconds later the smell hit; though we had missed the skunk, the front of the bus got sprayed and the odor permeated the air.

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