Krabi…the place

164_6445-4.JPGAfter two unsuccessful attempts at finding a chill beach to stay at, we called it quits and headed to Krabi, Our rationale was that, from Krabi, we could make day trips to various beaches, while enjoying the comforts of a real town: a normal room, quality food, and local atmosphere. The past two days have fortunately proven that rationale to rational. We’ve found a cool American-run place (foreign-run places know what foreign travelers want/need), amazing street food which is to be expected in Thailand, and a plethora of options for exploring the area’s beaches and islands. Its not the idyllic beach getaway we were originally looking for, but its so much more normal here; Thais populate the town, there’s regular stores and eateries, and its overall more conducive to life rather than tourism. Upon leaving Phuket, our plan was to find a place we like and stay for a few days. Although we had a couple of misfires and will probably only stay in Krabi for three nights, we feel like we’re back on track.

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