Our Route

Map of Our Trip

Solid red lines indicate land/sea travel. Opaque red lines indicate air travel.

matt 120pxThe other day, our friend Sheila asked if the world seems bigger or smaller. Without a doubt, the world seem bigger. The more I travel and see, the more I realize how large the world is and how much more there is to see. I think plotting our route on a map explains it visually. Although we’ve seen a lot of places having spent 20 months traveling throughout 33 countries, the above map shows how we’ve only seen a minuscule fraction of the earth’s landmass. And while our trip is officially over (as of yesterday), we’ll never stop exploring. We’ll continue to dream and scheme of ways to fill in the map :)

Post-note: The above map also shows how far we’ve come from my daydreamy planning a few years ago…

itinerary brainstorming

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