164_6445-4.JPGIt seems like my parents just got here and already its time for them to go. Sometimes I think our conception of time is all messed up because we’ve been traveling for so long. Anyways, as you’ve noticed, I haven’t written anything since my parents arrived except one entry at the end of each destination. I’m not sure why I haven’t written at all, but I think its some combination of spending more time hanging out and trying to use our time to do things we won’t be able to later. Needless to say, I haven’t written anything since we got to Phuket. Again, there’s not a whole lot to write about, since our time was mostly spent just hanging out. There are a couple highlights though.

Again, the hotel was a highlight. Not really an authentic Thai place, but it sure was comfortable. Big rooms, a big balcony, ocean views. It had several restaurants to choose from for any given meal, some baby elephants roamed the grounds in the morning and afternoons (with trainers) for the guests to take photos of/with and even ride if they chose too, several pools, complete with infinity edges and swim-up bars. One highlight was my dad telling the waiters wherever we went that it was Joylani’s birthday, in hopes of getting something. A couple times we got free desserts and once the waitstaff brought out a cake with candles and everything, while singing happy birthday.

We took a few daytrips from Mai Khao, where we are staying in northern Phuket. Seeing the beaches of Kamala and Kata Noi made me happy that we were staying in Mai Khao, since those southern beaches were so developed. Although our final dinner together in Kata was one of the best I’ve ever had, including the best scallops I’ve ever had. I can confidently recommend Mom Tri’s Boathouse as an excellent place to eat, in addition to its nice beach view which afforded us an awesome sunset view.

The best day trip we took was to Phang-Nga, where we hired a boat to take us around the bay. It was a nice boat ride and I think my parents were impressed, since they’ve never seen a landscape like it before. We saw “James Bond Island,” a karst in the ocean that was used as the setting of a 007 movie, although I cannot remember which one. We also stopped an island, which was a tourist trap more than anything else. Just a bunch of floating shops and restaurants attached to a small island. Nonetheless, it was a fun trip and it was nice to be back in a longtail again.


Phang Nga Bay

Without going into all the conversations and minutiae of our days, that’s about all I have for Phuket and my parents time here in Thailand. It was an awesome time and I think each of the four of us has unique reasons for enjoying it, so it was a well-rounded trip. I say trip, even though its really only a trip for them. Pretty soon, it’ll be back to “normal” life for us. After the past dozen days, I’m not sure how I’ll do reverting to our old ways. Yea, I know you readers are really sympathizing with me right now for “having” to return to independent travel. Anyways, its been awesome, but I think we’re all a bit sad its over.


Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! And THANKS!!!

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