joylani-thumbnail.JPGI enjoy planning events. Events depend on details. A good plan is built upon the anticipation of various outcomes and reactions, and what could go wrong, as well as the insight to know what is necessary, what will be memorable, and what people could care less about. This trip is just an event, a really long one. I’ve spent more time planning for this trip than any other thing in my life. With that in mind, it would make sense that Matt and I are basically done with all the important things, and maybe just have a few things left to do. Ha!
The last few days Matt and I have been working towards crossing off all the little random things on our to-do lists that we saved, or, rather, procrastinated on, until now. It’s tiring and tedious; I am easily bored and distracted. But I know it needs to be done so I keep pushing myself to not stop. Paperwork for power of attorney, making sure everything fits in our packs, finally getting the wedding dress cleaned…the deadline for completion is no longer indefinite or even weeks away. Four full days are left before our departure, and even those days I don’t want to be doing prep stuff. Hopefully I will be able to complete all the important items on The List and will be able to relax enough to not worry about looking for the perfect travel toothbrush holder. Some things actually matter, and a lot of things are just fluff. But in the end the event will happen, and as long as we get the big stuff done and follow-up on most of the details, and I think things will turn out OK.

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