Pulau Tioman



164_6445-4.JPGSo Joylani’s been doing her PADI Open Water course, which leaves me with not a whole lot to do. Our first day on Pulau Tioman, I walked about 2 miles south to Tekek, the largest town on the island. It did have a road, which is more than the paved path where we’re staying in Air Batang. It also had a couple stores and an airstrip, which can serve the daily 12-passenger planes that fly from the Peninsula.


beach outside out hotel


some of the orange honey coconuts found around the island

So for the duration of yesterday and today, I’ve just chilled out. Mostly read my GMAT book and practice math, which may sound wearisome. But studying on our balcony, steps away from the beach is more relaxing than most other places I can think of studying. Watching the monkeys and monitor lizards provide some entertainment when I need a break, as does a walk a few meters to the beach where I can cool off in the water. This afternoon, I was laying in hammock at the beach thinking about how great this time is.

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