Random Goan Musings

164_6445-4.JPGToday’s the first sunny day in three. It’s rained pretty much nonstop for the past two days, so its nice to be able to get out and walk around town. You know just hang at the beach and be lazy. You may find that statement comical considering we’re on somewhat of an extended vacation, but I heard even worse today. Joylani and I were sitting on some beach chairs under an umbrella earlier today. Next to us was a couple; the guy was just watching the ocean, while his girlfriend was getting a massage (there’s a ton of people that walk along the beach offering massages). They sat there for another 15 or 20 minutes after her massage ended, before getting up to leave. One of the waiters said, “Where you going? You know you can just sit here and relax- you don’t have to buy anything…” To which the girl responded, “I think we’re going to go and rest for a bit.” Joylani whispered to me, “What the heck have they been doing for the past hour?!” The past five days have flown by. Two days of hanging around our hotel doing nothing because it was raining, two days at the beach, one night at the most popular club in town, Tito’s (whose Hip-Hop Night was disappointing), one night of watching the England-India cricket match. We’ve hung out with our next-door neighbor Matt a good deal too. He and I share a beer in the late afternoons, after which the three of us go to dinner. Joylani joined us one afternoon to try some fenny, which is a local spirit made of coconut or cashew. It’s not as tasty as rum, but better than nasty vodka. But at approximately 1.25 USD for 750 mL bottle, who cares. Still, I prefer beer. If you can’t tell yet, it’s been an aimless few days, but I like Goa. I like it more than when I visited last time. I could stay here awhile. Our place is remote, but nice. The beach is just steps away. The town is small, but it has everything as it must accommodate thousands of tourists during the winter. Right now, the pace is slow. Before we leave, I do have some goals though: see more of Goa (the major cities, some other beaches, as well as the country) and start taking more photos again. Goa definitely is not as foreign as Ladakh, but since Orchha I’ve really failed to capture some great shots. It’s tough to travel, enjoy a place, and document it through writing/photography all at the same time. But I’m gonna really try. This post like our time here is rather aimless and random.

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