Something’s Gotta Change

164_6445-4.JPGI’ve come to the conclusion that I need a change, although I’m unsure of what that entails. Although I have no desire to go home, our current situation has become tiresome and a bit boring. I’ve narrowed my discontent to two possibilities and found three possible solutions.

  1. We’re over Vietnam. We need to move on- we need to get to mountains, to someplace rural, to somewhere different, to China, to anywhere but here.
  2. We’re burnt out on traveling. We need to take a break.
  3. We’re burnt out on traveling. Its time to end the trip.

I needn’t worry too much though, as I’ll soon discover the answer to my questions. We’re going to get out of Vietnam as soon as possible. If that doesn’t help, we’re going home for a visit this summer. If we get back to Asia and feel the same way as now, then we’ll know its time to go home (or at least start working in Asia).

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