Stress Revisited


matt 120pxLast night, my dad asked me if I was ready to get back on the road again. I told him that I was starting to stress. I explained that its always a bit stressful going to a new place, but especially so when you fly in. Unlike train stations and long-distance bus stations, airports are often dozens of miles outside of their namesake city. So not only do you land in a totally new place, but you must immediately find transportation to take you a relatively great distance to a specified place, often at a significant cost. Think about how you would get from the closest airport to your home if you were a foreign backpacker? So we must know exactly where we’re staying ahead of time and how to get there.  Additionally, flying days are often long days due to check-in, waiting, and connecting, not to mention flight time. Such will be the case when we arrive in Seoul, two days after departing San Francisco. We’re going to be tired and grumpy. In short, I told my dad that my stress would continue until we are in a hotel in Seoul. Later, at dinner, someone asked Joylani if she’s stressed out about leaving. She said, “Yea, and I will be until we find a hotel in Seoul.” We were both beginning to get those familiar feelings and naturally began to anticipate the things we’ve been conditioned to over the past year. And so the resumption of our journey begins. Presently midair somewhere between our connecting cities of Vancouver and Beijing, we are back practicing our old travel discipline: research. Reading our guidebook and studying the web pages I downloaded, in hopes of figuring out where to stay in Seoul and how to get there from the airport. Here we go, again :)

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