Homeless No More

joylani 130pxWe have an address for the next month.  It’s nothing much, yet it is more than we’ve had to ourselves in a long time.  Our little studio in located in El Centro, which as you can guess, is in the heart of the city.  It can get noisy outside with all the traffic, but luckily our window faces the inside of the block and so is relatively quiet.  The apartment is small, but once again that is relative to where we’ve been stay, so it actually feel pretty spacious.  There is a big, matrimonial (as they say in Spanish) bed, a round table with four chairs, a little stuffed chair, tv, internet, a wall of bookshelves, a few dishes and pots, a couple of gas burners (only one has a handle), and a mid-sized fridge.  The bathroom is small, but has a sink, toilet, and an odd shower-bidet combo.  We would have liked an apartment with a sauna tub, but those were hard to find in our price range.  Basically, our studio has everything we would have wanted out of a hotel/hotel room plus a little kitchen and it works out to be cheaper than staying somewhere else.  So this is where we’ll be for the next month.  Trying to catch up on some things, trying to learn some more Spanish, and seeing what it is like to live in Buenos Aires for a bit.

Buenos Aires (23)

Buenos Aires (22)

First Impressions

Buenos Aires

joylani 130pxBuenos Aires feels very European in a romantic but graffitied sort of way, especially compared to where we’ve just spent our past year.  At first glance it seems that there are many beautiful old buildings here, big trees lining wide boulevards, and a new, interesting country to explore.  Since we are planning to stay here for a month, and because we’ve only really been here a day, we haven’t seen many “sights” so far.  Most of the tourist attractions in the city seem to be museums, buildings, a couple cemeteries and various plazas and parks throughout the city.  We have only really walked around the area where we are staying, San Telmo and stop every now and then to look at all the curious items in shop windows, admire brightly colored murals in sometimes unexpected places, or to glance up every now and then to admire the unique aspects of old buildings.  Our first step is to find an apartment, and then somewhere to take Spanish classes, and then we will see how this city really is.