A Warm Meal

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joylani 130pxThose hearty, warm meals we crave when it’s cold out symbolize more than just a meal.  It takes time to make a soup or stew from scratch, and the enduring idea behind a hearty bowl of stew is generally, “made with love by ma.”  Today was one of those cold gloomy days.  We were getting ready to go.  It was grey and raining outside.  But we knew there was a bowl of tasty stew waiting for us before we left.  And so after packing and making one final sight-seeing stop, we headed upstairs to the Tosu’s, where Yumi-san and Sadako-san had made us the most delicious “simple” farewell lunch.  Tokyo is an amazing place to visit.  But without the warm hospitality of these two amazing women and their family and friends, it would have just been canned soup—still filling, but not as personal.  In fact, our whole time in Japan was made so much better because we could spend it with family and friends.  So thanks to everyone for making our trip in Japan so special! 

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