Life in a grown-up hotel

joylani 130pxI must say, not that I ever thought otherwise, but staying in a “real” hotel is quite lovely.  I’m glad they let us in the other day without a hassle, Matt mentioned our dusty backpacks, but we also were lugging a black garbage bag stuffed with trekking gear.  Everything here is gorgeous, the room is absolutely amazing, there’s a floor butler, fresh fruit and orchid in our room, and an amazing breakfast buffet.  The bed is soft and fluffy and covered with pillows. 



On top of all the perks, in the morning we have a wonderful maid who does up our room.  We return in the afternoon to find all our little junks (pens, accessories, clothes) that had earlier been strewn around the room and on the desk top are now positioned in pleasing arrangements.  It’s like having Dwight Shrute for a maid. 

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