The Grand Palace


joylani 130pxWe finally visited the Grand Palace compound today.  I didn’t think it would be that much different form the other ones we’ve seen so far, maybe bigger.  So I was happily suprised by its practically immaculate state.  Things seemed to be restored and well taken care of.  One of the most impressive sights inside the compound was this mural that ran along one of the wall of an inner courtyard.

courtesy r shibata

(this pic courtesy of Rob Shibata)
I think some restoration work had just been completed and the gold highlights on the mural were great.


Mostly we just walked around and gaped at the usual glitz and glimmer of tiles and mosaics with some other fun components thrown in.  Even though some of it borders on gaudy, overall the look is still tasteful.  It was just cool to see whole huge structures decked out in tiles and shiny things.



Jolly stone guards guarded entrances


And delicately patterned tiles adorned the walls.


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