Open Mic


joylani 130pxToday we met Sam and Sha Zhou, along with several other friends, coworkers, and students from Jeff’s school. After another tasty dinner and many clams, we headed out to the East West bar to watch the guys perform at an Open Mic. Matt covered the night well in his post, but I just wanted to give an extra shout out to Jeff who’s finishing up a new album. Jeff is just as great as a musician as he has been as a host—here’s one of his performances to give you a small taste of how engaging it is to watch him perform. Jeff’s returning to LA at the end of the summer, so if you live around there look him up on-line and go check out one of his shows. Also, props to Sha Zhou too who’s also a great performer and has some good music out too. Here’s an old video I found on-line to “introduce” you to Sha Zhou and show you a little bit of downtown Qingdao.

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